How to Choose the Winning Lottery Numbers

Dreaming of hitting the big ticket lottery jackpot? If you’ve fantasized about winning millions on a colossal lotto online game, you are not alone. Millions of people long for that thrilling sensation of hearing their numbers called, which brings us to the question of how do you choose winning lottery numbers?

While there is no tried and true method (otherwise, lottery games would cease to exist!) here are a few approaches many people take when selecting their winning numbers.

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Lucky Numbers

This is not a science, but it is certainly one of the most commonly used methods for choosing lottery numbers. Lucky numbers can be any set of digits that have significance to you. Some of the more commonly used lucky numbers are people’s birthdays, anniversaries, or part of an address. Other folks like to use their kids’ ages, an important date in history for them, or a number that just “feels” lucky to them. If a set of numbers has meaning to you, it will be that much more gratifying when you win.


Statistics are definitely the most scientific method of selection possible. This system bases your selection off of previously chosen numbers. There are plenty of charts online and you can get free or paid tools to make the process easier. Look through the charts to see which numbers have been successful in the past. This doesn’t guarantee that these numbers will win again in the future, but it does give you an accurate picture of which numbers have won with the most frequency. The farther back the charts go the more conclusive the information will be.

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Less Frequency

There is another methodology that says to choose your lottery ticket numbers based on less frequency, meaning select the numbers that have been drawn less often than the others. The thinking behind this is that eventually all numbers must be picked, so numbers that haven’t been winning numbers often in the past are due to have their turn coming up soon. Whether or not this is mathematically sound, it is a popular way to select your lotto ticket numbers.

You can use the same charts and tools that you utilized when drawing statistical information-based number selections.

Buying More Tickets

This is an interesting way to make your number selection a lot easier. When you buy more tickets, you are increasing your odds of winning, so the numbers you select are less relevant and yet more profitable.

There are several ways you can buy more lottery tickets. You can just go out and buy in bulk, but this is the most expensive way to accomplish your goal. The smartest way to purchase a lot of tickets at once is to join a group game, team play, or combo game. These are nifty features and promotions that most online lottery game distributors offer their members to make life easier. These sites give major discounts on group games, the overall price of the tickets are cheaper, and you are significantly raising the probability of winning by contributing to a collective game. So it’s a really great option for players looking to win something fast.

One last thing you need to do is be sure to play! After all, you can’t win the gigantic lotto jackpot without a ticket in your hand. So click on one of the trusted online lotto game ticket distributors to find a reliable messenger service that makes winning the lottery a breeze.