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Mega Millions

Mega Millions, originally called The Big Game, is one of the two most frequently-played lottery games in America (the other being Powerball). This popular lotto is available in 44 of the American states as well as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and District of Columbia.

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How to Play

If you’ve never played Mega Millions before, here is a basic rundown of the rules:

  • Players choose 5 numbers from 75 available and 1 number from the 15 Mega Balls. This can be done manually or automatically depending on player’s preference.
  • Players can also select the Megaplier feature, an added bonus that will multiply the player’s winnings by 2, 3, 4, or 5x.
  • Mega Millions drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 PM EST.
  • Players can watch excitedly as each number shoots out of the two mixing drums, one containing the regular 75 white balls and another containing the gold Mega Ball balls.
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Mega Millions Jackpot

The Mega Millions minimum jackpot is $15 million, but the highest recorded Mega Millions win was $656 million in March of 2012. This was divided by three winners. The largest single win was $326 million in 2014. The jackpot will continue rising if no winner is claimed, increasing by $5 million each time the jackpot rolls over. Prizes are divided evenly according to the number of winners that claim their prize.

Players can receive their prize payments in 30 graduating instalments (increasing 5% annually to account for inflation), or they can opt for a lower valued lump sum payment up front. Most players opt for the latter, single payment option. The odds of winning any prize in the Mega Millions lotto are 1 in 14, even better than those of its competitor, Powerball.

Anytime, Anywhere

Mega Millions is a popular lotto game to play because of its large jackpots and good probabilities. And now, players from all over the world have the opportunity to cash in on this exciting opportunity. Here’s how you can make the most of Mega Millions and other thrilling online lotto games.

  • Play more often with faster, easier gaming options online. Instead of having to drag yourself out to the local shop, you can just open your computer, phone, or tablet, and purchase lotto tickets directly online. There is no standing in line, no dealing with grumpy people, and never any worrying about finding change. Play online, and take a load off!
  • When you play online you also tap into fun features like Quick Pick, Team Play, and other exciting incentives like big discounts on tickets from select dealers.
  • Play from wherever you are. When you play online, you don’t have to be limited by location, transportation, or restrictions. Just hop onto one of our trusted online lottery game distributors, and they’ll do all the work for you.
  • Play it safer. When purchasing lottery tickets online, go with a reliable agency and you won’t have to worry about a thing. With solid encryption and other anti-hacking tools in place, these trusted websites ensure the maximum security for your transactions.

Get your winning lotto ticket today, and be the next colossal winner!

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