We all want to live the dream of winning that big lottery jackpot. Well, we can’t tell the future, but we can give you some expert tips on how to up the odds in your favour. Follow these 5 insider tips, and you’ll see that colossal lotto jackpot coming closer to your open arms.


Start Playing In 4 Simple Steps

Tip #1: Play Group Games

Group Games feature is probably the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to increase your odds of winning any online lottery game. When you purchase group games, you lower the cost per ticket (this in itself makes your winnings more profitable), and you raise your probability of winning because you are holding more tickets in your hands.

Tip #2: Use The Subscriptions Tool

Subscriptions allow site members to play the big jackpots automatically even if they aren’t present for the purchase. The way this works is simple. You sign up for a service and opt for the subscriptions package. Now the system will automatically buy tickets on your behalf to the pre-specified games and according to your pre-specified criteria. The amount you want to spend, the numbers you want chosen, and the games you want played are all controlled by you. The machine just takes care of the leg work.

Tip #3: Get Scientific

Statistics are helpful in many areas of life, and playing lottery online games is one of them. By using the statistics of previously won numbers, you can systematically compute the likelihood of a number coming up as the winner once more. This is a brilliant way to pick your lucky numbers, and you’ll especially enjoy this option if you are a numbers kind of guy.

You can purchase software to do number crunching for you, but that’s a waste of money. Most of the reliable online lotto game services actually provide a statistics tool for you right on their website. So you can utilize this free tool, and select your numbers accordingly.

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Tip #4: Don’t Skip The Multiplier

The multiplier feature, available for most of the major online lottery games, won’t necessarily increase your odds of winning, but it will make your wins a lot more profitable when you do win. The multiplier will multiply whatever your prize amount is by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times, significantly increasing your haul.

Tip #5: Take Advantage Of The Delta System

The Delta System is another statistics-based method for choosing your winning numbers. If you like the idea of using mathematics to select your lucky digits, then this is a great system for you. We can’t go into the entire logic now, but the basic idea behind the system is as follows: The Delta System allows you to choose numbers from a smaller pool, increasing your odds of winning.

And there you have it. Now that you have some insider tips on how to increase your odds of winning the lotto, you just have to take one more essential step: purchase the tickets! You’ll never win if you don’t play, so head over to one of these trusted online lottery ticket distributors today, and see if you are the next multi-million winner.